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GINSEI -the brand of sake in Hidaka, Hokkaido-



Erimo cape, Hidaka, Hokkdio

GINKE, the best condition of sake for its taste from Hokkaido

GINSEI, a brand of sake in Hidaka, Hokkaido

Sticker as a proof of GINSEI, the brand of Hidaka Hokkaido

Hidaka Erimo in Hokkaido, the famous habitat of sake




Sea area around Erimo cape, in Hidaka Erimo, Hokkaido is rich in marine resource as unique location where the Black current and the Kurile current flow into each other. The sea is also a reef area that known as good fishery. Wide variety of sake migrates nearby, and the sea area is called "Sake road".
Especially Akisake (wild chum salmon) fished in offshore Erimo is highly evaluated its large size and its fine taste out of sake from Hokkaido.




GINKE sake -the best condition of Akisake for its taste-




"GINKE" we call is sake with beautiful silvery body, particularly in the condition of Akisake which keeps plenty of nutrition for coming into lay. Its rich texture and the taste are appraised by fishery Industry as well. Offshore Hidaka sea is the area quite number of "GINKE" migrate.




GINSEI -a brand of sake in Hidaka, the king of GINKE-  




GINKE sake meets the restricted standards will only be certificated as "GINSEI", a brand of sake in Hidaka.

Main standards are below:

  • GINKE caught in the offshore Hidaka district, Hokkaido
  • GINKE,kept under strict control in freshness
  • The weight has to be minimum 3.5kg and over (before processing)
  • Among GINKE sake, especially with surpassing beautiful silvery body

GINKE to be "GINSEI" is picked out by chief fishermen with their experiences. GINKE reaching those standards is only 5〜6% out of sake fished in whole Hidaka area. Furthermore, traders with recognition and selected by Hidaka fixed-net shore fishing association are the only ones who allowed to sell GINKE as a brand of sake in Hidaka, “GINSEI”.
We, Maruden corporation are not only chief fishermen but also registered trader with the special allowance.

 Sticker as a proof of GINSEI,the brand of Hidaka
To restrict dealings of "GINSEI" ID number will be given to GINSEI for each. This ID number and a dealer's ID are printed on a special sticker, as a proof of "GINSEI". On the sticker of GINSEI we are selling, there is our original ID,「MD」number stamped.




GINSEI YAMAZUKE -Selected sake, Traditional process- Hidaka Hokkaido


 *"sake" is wild salmon



"YAMAZUKE" is a type of process in salting fish taken over from age to age. Pile up fishes like a mountain and salt them down with using stone weight. The flavor of fish will be matured and the taste will be turned into deeper by letting extra water out.

The name "YAMAZUKE" (YAMA=mountain, ZUKE=salt down) comes from a scene of this process.

*Through the process to be matured, extra water in GINSEI will evaporate, and the weight will be reduced down from 4kg to 2.5kg before and after.

Piling up salted fishes like a mountain, a process of making YAMAZUKE







Hidaka salmon being cold air-dried

Our "GINSEI YAMAZUKE" is made with selected sake, also made carefully by hands in every step of the process.

"GINSEI", a brand of sake in Hidaka, is covered with plenty of salt in traditional wooden frame that has been used since the company's established year. After salting down for enough long time, sake will be sunk in water to get rid of extra salt then, will be let cold air-dry. Very characteristic cold winds at Erimo cape enhance GINSEI YAMAZUKE's taste into deeper and special.

Maruden's YAMAZUKE is splendid and traditional taste made with maximizing distinctive weather of Erimo cape.









Introducing making process of YAMAMZUKE




Introducing making process of YAMAZUKE





Introduction of Maruden's original products


A brand of sake in Hidaka, GINSEI Raw

A brand of sake in Hidaka, "GINSEI" Raw

"GINSEI" is a title given only to GINKE sake which has large and beautiful silvery body among GINKE caught in offshore Hidaka district, Hokkaido.
We, Maruden corporation are not only chief fishermen but also "GINSEI" trader approved and selected by Hidaka fixed-net shore fishing association.








 *"sake" is wild salmon







GINSEI YAMAZUKE (Half fish, Fillet)


Salted GINSEI (sake) finely made with traditional process of YAMAZUKE.
Best for a special gift.

Also, whole fish, already sliced "GINSEI YAMAZUKE" is available.


GINSEI YAMAZUKE (Half fish, Fillet)

Half of "GINSEI YAMAZUKE" fillet.
Cut into the size as you like when you cook.

GINSEI YAMAZUKE (2 pieces of sliced filet)


 GINSEI YAMAZUKE  (Baked sake flake)

GINSEI YAMAZUKE (2pieces of sliced filet)

2 pieces of sliced "GINSEI YAMAZUKE". Convenient for one time use.


GINSEI YAMAZUKE (Baked sake flake)


Bake "GINSEI YAMAZUKE", roughly flaked to easy to eat Perfect for variety of cooking such as rice ball, Sushi, Chazuke, etc.




Sake sashimi(salmon)


Sake Jerky "Tottokun"


Sake flake

Sake sashimi

Frozen processed sashimi to enjoy the taste of sake as it is.



Sake Jerky "Tottokun"

Sliced sake fished in Hokkaido seasoned with Maruden's original fish sauce "Totomurasaki" and dried. Smoked sake flavor is enjoyable.


Sake flake

Roughly flaked baked "GINSEI YAMAZUKE", packed in a bottle.

Great for rice ball and chazuke






Totomurasaki(fish sauce made from salmon)


Sake roe cooked in Totomurasaki, Maruden's original fish sauce


Flying sake roe cooked in Totomurasaki

Totomurasaki (fish sauce)

Original "sake sauce" made by thoroughly and naturally maturing fresh sake.


Sake roe cooked in "Totomurasaki"  
Selected fine sake roe cooked in original fish sauce "Totomurasaki".


"Flying" sake roe cooked in "Totomurasaki" 
Sake roe caught in the morning cooked in original fish sauce "Totomurasaki". Sent off within the same day as it is still fresh without frozen.

*non-frozen product available in limited season






Erimo Banya  salmon curry


Pacific saury YAMAZUKE


 Pacific saury cocked in Totomurasaki

Erimo Banya curry

Sake curry made of sake from Hidaka, flavored like keema curry. In addition that taste of sake is maximized, the flavor is deepened with original fish sauce, "Totomurasaki".


Pacific saury YAMAZUKE

Salted fine pacific saury made with traditional process of YAMAZUKE.
Enjoy the condensed flavor through the process of maturing.


Pacific saury cocked in "Totomurasaki"
Fresh pacific saury cooked in our original fish sauce, "Totomurasaki"



Line up of sake dish in a bottle "sake kara"


-Line up of sake dish in a bottle-
Original sake dishes packed in a bottle.
Ready to serve.
  • Sake kara mentai
    (sake mixed with spicy tasted cod roe)
  • Sake kara hot (spicy sake flake)
  • Sake chanchan yaki
    (sake cooked with soy bean paste (miso) flavor like Hokkaido's popular local food, chanchan yaki.
  • Sake kara red hot (very spicy sake flake)


Line up of easy rice mix, sake, scallops,octopus


-Line up of easy rice mix-
Already seasoned seafood, vegetables, original sauce in a package.Ready to simply mix with cooked rice before serve.
Produced with a minimum of food additive.

   Variety of choices are:
  • Octopus rice mix
  • Sake rice mix
  • Scallops rice mix




Please contact us about our products



Maruden corporation Sapporo branch: 

TEL (+81) 011-622-5566 





The introduction animation of Maruden, Inc.




  Message from the company




Chairman and Representative Director Eiji Denpou

Maruden corporation
Chairman and Representative Director
Takashi Dempo


  - Reform and Challenge -

When a problem happens, we will keep reforming and challenging towards the future we have designed rather than just pushing ourselves to solve the problem we face now.
That is the origin of our company.

  About us


<Main Company information>

Company name:

Maruden corporation


October, 1990


60million yen

Business Activities:

Fisheries, Fish processing, Food producing, Food sales,

Board members

Chairman and Representative Director

Eiji Dempo


President and Representative Director

Takashi Dempo


Senior Managing Director
       (Also, Manager of Sapporo branch)

Ryosuke Yamagata


Senior managing officers

Hirotatsu Saito


Hifumi Yamagata




Head Office:

14 Azafuemai, Erimo town, Horoizumi county, Hokkaido, JAPAN



TEL (+81)01466-2-2276

FAX (+81)01466-2-4455



Sapporo Branch:

MD Building, 1-4, Kita12 Nishi 23, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido, JAPAN



TEL(+81) 011-622-5566

FAX (+81)011-622-5578



Number of staffs:

50 employees



North pacific Bank (Hokuyo Bank), Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Hidaka Shinkin Bank, Erimo fishermen's cooperative


Business dealing with:

Planning, producing, sales of food delivery and gift products, Food producing and sales for business use (Hotel, Food service, School meal) Sales of fresh seafood.



<Group company information>

Company name:

Maruden Suisan corporation


14 Azafuemai, Erimo town, Horoizumi county, Hokkaido, JAPAN


TEL (+81) 01466-2-3722


April, 1975


10million yen

Business Activities:

Fixed-net shore fishing of sake (wild salmon) and trout in offshore Fuemai Port, in Erimo town, Hokkaido (licensed by governor of Hokkaido).















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